How to build strong Customer Profiles andavoid common pitfalls

Eckhart Boehme

graduate in industrial engineering, Founder & Managing Director

unipro solutions GmbH & Co. KG

In this webinar, hosted by Mikko Mannila from Statty Store on May 10, , and on June 14, 2022 hosted by the PDMA I will provide tips on how to take your Customer Profiles to the next level.

What You Will Learn in this Webinar

  • How we can create value propositions for the entire customer journey
  • How to improve the validity, clarity, and impact of our Customer Profiles
  • How to pick the right customer jobs
  • Examples of good and bad job items
  • What data helps us to better understand the context of customer jobs

Link to the Webinar recording in English

Link to the Webinar recording in German

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