Invitation to Michigan State University

Eckhart Boehme

graduate in industrial engineering, Founder & Managing Director

unipro solutions GmbH & Co. KG

In October I was invited to run a workshop for the first three cohorts of the Customer Experience Management Master students at Michigan State University. The Master Program is North America’s first master’s degree in Customer Experience Management (CXM). 

Over 30 students and faculty got an overview of our “progress framework” and hands-on experience with our canvas and interviewing technique.

The next day, I had the pleasure of holding a masterclass at the CXM 360 conference on aligning with customers around their “customer jobs”. Attendees discussed the issue of misalignment with customers and what it means to misalignment in their organizations. 

I presented a jobs to be done based approach based on 6 building bocks that help to align with customers’ jobs to be done and resolve the internal alignment issue.

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