Make customer progress your growth engine

The method for your most effective strategy development.

Whitepaper - Customer-Centric Culture Transformation

Whitepaper Customer-Centric Transformation

Dive into the future with our unique Jobs to be done (JTBD)-based methodology, unlocking growth and propelling your organization at light-speed towards true customer-centricity.

We will help you to systematically create transformative results and create empathy for customers among your stakeholders.

What progress is your customer seeking?

How our JTBD-based approach benefits specific roles

If you work in Strategy Management, Innovation Management, Product Management, or Product Development, our process will help you

  • develop products and services that are desired by customers and for which there is a market.
  • gain buy-in and collaboration from relevant departments. 
  • shorten your build-learn-measure cycle with a customer progress innovation culture.

If you work in Product Marketing, Marketing Communications, Business Development, or Sales Management, our process will help you

  • line up your marketing and sales approach to support the four stages of customer progress.
  • share the customers’ stories with other stakeholders, create empathy with the customer and promote a cohesive strategy development.
  • drive higher conversion rates with messages that resonate deeply with customer ambitions.

Demo: creating messaging

If you work in Market/User/UX Research, Customer Success/CX, UX Design, or Data Science, our process will help you

  • align UX and research efforts with actionable, progress-focused insights. 
  • accelerate UX and research efforts with actionable, progress-focused customer insights. 
  • drive product and service improvements that are deeply rooted in customer needs.

Case study: JTBD research

If you are a C- or V-level executive or work in Digital Transformation, Agile Coaching, or Consulting, our methodology will help you

  • Promote an organizational culture that values and acts upon deep customer insights. 
  • Guide and lead departments towards collaborative efforts, aligning strategies and actions.
  • Implement a transformative mindset understanding the ultimate goal of enabling the customer to make progress.

If you work in a Startup, Innovations Lab, Accelerator Program, or Private Equity, our framework will help you or your project

  • recognize ideas that fulfill the biggest unmet customer needs.
  • discover the sweet spots based on insights from customer interviews to position the product most effectively.
  • reduce the risk and increase your confidence that your investment is worthwhile.

Make Customer Progress Your Growth Engine

Make customer's progress your priority

Align your operations with the customers' needs and beat your competition.

Use insights from customers to create better products and services

Make JTBD customer interviews the source of your innovation process.

Implement the insights within days

Apply our sprint format and focus on the right things and fast execution.

Customer Progress Design - Our fast-track visual process

We are by your side

Achieve continuous alignment with customers

We help you to develop a customer-centric strategy

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Choose Your Starting Point

Do you work for a consulting company, an agency, or a forward-thinking organization? Take the path that is right for you.

1. Apply customer-centric strategy development

Let our experts run your project.

2. Learn customer-centric strategy development

Learn the method using your project.

3. Test drive structured interviews

Discover the value of structure.

Make strategic decisions with confidence

Benefit from generating and processing meaningful qualitative data at light speed. Unite your stakeholders behind customer jobs. Create a cohesive product, marketing, and sales strategy. Take advantage of our end-to-end strategy development template, The Wheel of Progress Canvas, and other advanced tools to take decisions with confidence.

Our method in detail

Step 1

Determine Project Scope

Establish initial hypotheses and determine interviewee profiles.

Step 2

Conduct Customer Interviews

Systematically conduct interviews and structure the data.

Step 3

Generalize Interview Data

Cluster and generalize the data.

Step 4

Prioritize Customer Jobs

Prioritize customer jobs according to rational criteria.

Step 5

Develop Strategy Based on Data

Use customer jobs and other data to inform the ideation process.

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