How to discover what people really, really want?

Eckhart Böhme

graduate in industrial engineering, Founder & Managing Director

unipro solutions GmbH & Co. KG

Customer development – a pillar of the lean startup methodology – is one of the toughest aspects to execute in the build, measure, learn framework – and is often seen as an “extra” – however it’s a critical part of the process that helps us avoid mistakes early and identify new market opportunities.

With the Jobs to Be Done theory a new way of thinking has emerged that helps to frame the “problem” in a relevant and pragmatic way: Understanding how human beings want to make progress in life in a certain circumstance. This knowledge is a prerequisite for effectively helping people improve their being through new products and marketing. Thus, the challenge of every organization that wants to innovate and convince people to adopt a new solution is to figure out what the desired progress looks like.

This is easier said than done because human beings typically cannot clearly articulate what progress means to them. It is like a gem buried in the soil that is waiting to be brought to light. With this insight at hand you have created an asset you can leverage to create more meaningful products, offers, sales and marketing measures and get a competitive edge.

Join this interactive session to learn about a new customer research process. The output of this process is being mapped on a canvas that serves as the “reaction chamber” for new value propositions and market development ideas.

We’ll explain the elements you should be looking for in customer interviews, demo the customer research process, do exercises and show you what new tools you can apply going forward.

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18:20 – 18:30 Open doors
18:30 – 18:45 Meet&Greet by your hosts Mario Schwery and Maike Strudthoff + Warm-up Breakout Groups
18:45 – 19:00 The Wheel of Progress: a new customer research methodology and how it’s used by Eckhart Boehme
19:00 – 19:15 Q&A with Eckhart Boehme
19:15 – 19:30 Breakout Groups with guiding questions
19:30 Sharing of Breakout Results & Discussion

Eckhart Boehme is a JTBD practitioner and one of the developers of The Wheel of Progress. Eckhart is also Managing Director of unipro solutions, a start-up dedicated to help organizations figure out how people want to improve their lives.

Meet our ambassadors and co-hosts:
Mario Patrick Schwery is incredibly active in the Berlin startup scene, where he hosts a monthly Lean Startup meetup since 2017. With his brand Startup Mario he offers workshops and consulting in Design Thinking & Lean Startup and is highly active as a graphic facilitator, startup event organiser & moderator.

Maike Strudthoff helps companies to turn future visions into reality. As a Digital Innovation Enabler she loves shaking up old systems of working and accelerating via new methods, mindset and behavior changes. Maike feels truly European, is physically based in Berlin and works with humans around the globe.

Both are Lean Startup enthusiasts, design thinkers, startup ecosystem builders and corporate innovators. Learn more by meeting them in person at the next Lean Startup meetup.

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