Passion for customer centricity

We support organizations in understanding and satisfying the human desire for progress.

Eckhart Boehme, graduate in industrial engineering, Founder & Managing Director

unipro solutions GmbH & Co. KG

Our Values


To me, appreciation means being open and honest with other people. This is the only way to develop a relationship of trust. Consistent with my methods, the human being is at the center, regardless of his socio-demographic, economic status, value orientation or other characteristics.


I love taking about challenges and problems solving. I always ask myself how I can turn something negative into something positive. Ultimately, it's also about making my customers heroes. I break away from old ways of thinking. I think freely and keep my eyes open for new things. I also pass this mindset on to my customers.


Together with my customers and interested parties, I would like to address the topics Jobs to Be Done and The Wheel of Progress to promote them and make them better known. By building up a community, I offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and turn interested parties into true fans and multipliers.


Respectful cooperation with my customers is important to me. For me, respect means recognizing the other, despite possible differences of opinion. The primary goal is always to create a common understanding as the basis for productive cooperation.


For me, honesty is the basis of a trusting cooperation. That is - ambiguities are addressed - customers in the process are involved - feedback is obtained - new way of thinking/mindset is anchored - a Trusted Advisor attitude is applied.

Ongoing Development

I offer my customers innovative methods, tools, and concepts with which they can achieve both personal and business progress. In order to make progress myself, I am always open for an exchange.

May 2017

First public presentation about Jobs to Be Done.

May 2017

Translation of the JTBD cards by Jonathan Briggs.

June 2017

Serving as the subject matter expert for the German version of Competing Against Luck by Clayton M. Christensen, et al.

August 2017

First open German language JTBD workshop.

October 2017

Launch of German JTBD website JTBD.de

January 2018

First Jobs to Be Done inhouse workshop.

September 2019

Launch of The Wheel of Progress at XCamp Frankfurt.

January 2020

First The Wheel of Progress Masterclass with Peter Rochel.

April 2020

First virtual The Wheel of Progress Masterclass.

November 2020

Guest lecture for master students at University of Applied Sciences RheinMain Wiesbaden Business School.

January 2021

Launched The Wheel of Progress Transmission Canvas and held first virtual workshop for a US customer.

February 2021

Foundation of unipro solutions GmbH & Co. KG

November 2021

Customer Progress Design Handbook for Workshop participants available

January 2022

First Certified Customer Progress Designer certificate issued

Februar 2023

Launch des Online-Kurses "Kunden systematisch verstehen" auf der iversity-Plattform

October 2023
Sub Label
Michigan State University

First time workshop and masterclass deliveries at MSU

February 24
Launch unipro solutions Shop

Launch unipro solutions Shop

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