Jobs to be done research case study

How “feeling” the customer’s pains helped to shape io Health’s home health  documentation solution. In May 2023, io Health and unipro solutions teamed up to methodically interview businesses providing home health care to understand their needs, pains and constraints and much more. The result: io Health quickly identified and prioritized all pain points, accelerated the …

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Invitation to Michigan State University

In October I was invited to run a workshop for the first three cohorts of the Customer Experience Management Master students at Michigan State University. The Master Program is North America’s first master’s degree in Customer Experience Management (CXM).  Over 30 students and faculty got an overview of our “progress framework” and hands-on experience with …

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Online-Kurs “Kunden systematisch verstehen”

Strategieentwicklung leicht gemacht Online-Kurs „Kunden systematisch verstehen“ bietet anwendbare Kundenforschung für jedermann Mainz, 27. Februar 2023: Startschuss für eine kundenzentrierte Strategieentwicklung für alle. Nach einem Jahr Entwicklungsarbeit geben unipro solutions und Safari Consulting heute die die Verfügbarkeit eines Online-Kurses bekannt, der Mitarbeitern in Unternehmen aller Größen und Branchen die Fähigkeiten an die Hand gibt, mit Hilfe …

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The struggle for impact and appreciation

Customer researchers have an enormously responsible job. They play a key role in creating product strategy and thus have a significant impact on an organization’s success. However, being in a customer researcher position can be a tough job according to our study. While we started our research to understand how well customer research tools and …

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Agile customer research for a fast changing world

It seems like the world is turning faster and faster. Every day there are new developments, new products, new trends. Customers respond with ever shorter attention spans to the abundance of information that affects them. What was considered secure information today may be obsolete tomorrow. As a result, customer needs become a moving target. For …

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