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Company name
The interviewee agreed to recording of the interview?
Permission to record the interview is a mandatory.
The interviewee will be able to use Zoom as the conferencing app?
Please make sure interviewee is comfortable with Zoom.
Desired interview language
Available languages
Please fill out if you are going to recruit the interviewee: 3 optional dates, each with at least 3 hour time slots in Central European Time Zone to conduct the interview.
Give us some background on the interviewee you have recruited: demographics, circumstances, product purchase. We recommend that interviewees purchased the new product no longer than 6 months ago.
For interview organization purposes.
In case the interviewee is not on time.
Would you like to attend the interview?
In principle, we encourage our clients to participate in the interview. However, please bear in mind that the respondent may answer differently if a known person or the commissioning party of the study is present at the interview.
In which format would you like to obtain the customer research data?
Mural is a digital whiteboard designed (see https://mural.co). JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard file format and data interchange format.
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