Our Method

Systematic. Pragmatic. Result-oriented.

The sign for progress.


Customer Progress Design is a method for creating customer-centric solution, marketing and sales concepts.


With the help of 12 elements, we examine the conditions under which customers switch to a new solution.


These findings are converted into data and evaluated. This data is used to develop an overall concept that helps people make progress.

How it works


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Within the project scope, we are looking for the following insights based on the 12 elements.


The following relate to the buying phase:

  • Veränderungsdruck, Anziehungskraft von Lösungen, Einwände und veränderungshemmende Gewohnheiten
  • Wants
  • Trigger events
  • Progress inhibiting forces
  • "hired" solutions


The following are in relation to the usage phase:

  • Unsolved customer pains
  • Potential, new gains


Related to the entire cycle:

  • Unsatisfied performed and newly created customer jobs
  • the desire for progress at the hightest level.

These findings are specifically identified by our process, converted into data and, in the last step, transferred into concepts.


5 Easy Steps

Our 5-step process leads gradually to the result. Our specifically developed Mural template supports each step.

Step 1

Determine the project scope, create interviewee profiles, and recruit.

Step 2

Conduct and document customer interviews and sort items.

Step 3

Summarize elements, structure customer jobs and desires for progress.

Step 4

Evaluate and prioritize customer jobs.

Step 5

Develop enabling value propositions, marketing, and sales concepts.

The result: Tailor-made concepts for your market development

In the 5th step, we will develop ideas together that improve life and help people to move forward. In this reactor chamber, we will fuse your customer research results with new ideas. This is where the creative energy is released to create innovative solutions and to make it easier to “commission” a new solution.

Click for the application example of unipro solutions.

First we “program” the canvas with the data from customer research. Then we convert the findings directly into ideas for new value proposition, marketing and sales concepts.


In each of the four progress cycle phases you can help customers abholen und ihnen dabei behilflich sein, sich weiterzubewegen: 

  • To realize a deficiency 
  • To discover new solution approaches 
  • To "hire" the right solution 
  • To offer an improved or innovative solution 





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