Learn & Research

Learn the customer research process and conduct a project jointly with us.

Certificate of attendance as Smart Certificate

How we can help

  • We will teach you and your team our customer research method.
  • Jointly with you, we will run your customer research project.
  • Together with us, you will transform customer insights into input for a customer development strategy using The Wheel of Progress Transmission canvas.


Develop new skills

Learn our customer research process based on our proprietary tool The Wheel of Progress.

Become independent from experts

Apply the process under our guidance and take the first step towards independence from customer research experts.

Gain practical experience

Apply your new skills in a project, deepen them and internalize the results.

Stay up-to-date

You get the lifelong right to use the latest project template so you can use it for future customer research projects * and stay up to date.

* See license conditions.

How it works

Learn the method and jointly discover new opportunities

From 9490€ (excluding taxes)





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