Agile customer research for a fast changing world

Agile Kunden-Forschung für eine Welt im Wandel Es scheint, als würde sich die Welt immer schneller drehen. Jeden Tag gibt es neue Entwicklungen, neue Produkte, neue Trends. Kunden reagieren mit immer kürzeren Aufmerksamkeitsspannen auf die Fülle an Informationen, die auf sie einwirken. Was heute noch als gesicherte Informationen galt, kann schon morgen obsolete sein. Das […]

Talk at CXM 360 by MSU

Customer Progress Design – Strategy Design for Realizing the Desire for Progress Learn about Customer Progress Design (CPD), an integrated method for identifying and conceiving market opportunities. Based on the Jobs to Be Done theory, CPD puts the human desire for progress at the center of your market development strategy. This method joins qualitative customer […]

Interview at The Tom and Bob Show

Interview at The Tom and Bob Show In this two episode series of The Tom & Bob Show, I introduce and discuss the Customer Progress Design method. ABOUT THIS PODCAST The Tom and Bob Show joins Tom DeWitt, Ph.D. the Director of CXM@Michigan State University and Bob Kiple, MBA, a retired General Motors Global Customer […]

Reflections on 2 Years of The Wheel of Progress

Reflections on 2 Years of The Wheel of Progress Sharing the story of how Customer Progress Design is re-defining customer research.   I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our learning journey after developing The Wheel of Progress two years ago, share what working with tool has taught us, how we turned the […]

The story behind unipro solutions

The story behind unipro solutions In search of better explanation models why people resort to new types of products (e.g. innovations), I learned about the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) theory in 2016. I was immediately intreagued because it offered a completely different perspective on understanding customer needs: No more pigeonhole thinking, as with personas […]

12 Elements of Customer Progress Design

12 Elements of Customer Progress Design The challenge with qualitative research Qualitative customer research today is not only challenging to do but typically not designed to support strategic decisions.    The first challenge is the sheer infinite amount of variables that can come up in customer interviews that have to be dealt with. Researchers today […]

Gast-Podcast bei Spread The Views

Jenseits der Zielgruppe: Kundenforschung mit Jobs-to-be-done Mein neuester Gastbeitrag beim Spread The Views-Podcast von Christian Weisz. Wir sprechen über: Jobs to Be Done die Umsetzung in der Praxis sind Unternehmen überfordert? JTBD vs. Agile JTBD bei Produktneueinführungen Praxiseinsatz bei Fraport Next Steps Jetzt anhören bei Spread the views – Podcast für neue Perspektiven bei der […]

Upcoming Meetup

How to discover what people really, really want? Details Customer development – a pillar of the lean startup methodology – is one of the toughest aspects to execute in the build, measure, learn framework – and is often seen as an “extra” – however it’s a critical part of the process that helps us avoid […]

Getting to know your customers

Getting to know your customers Eckhart recently was part of a group of 9 global experts on innovation that provided content to ZERO IN ACADEMY’s online course. The course content focuses on building a brand customers crave and a company people are passionate to work for. In his module Eckhart examines the need to understand why […]

Wie ich dazu gekommen bin zu gründen

Die Geschichte hinter unipro solutions Auf der Suche nach besseren Erklärungen, warum Menschen zu neuartigen Produkten (z. B. Innovationen) greifen, lernte ich im Jahre 2016 zu ersten mal die Jobs to Be Done (JTBD)-Theorie kennen. Sie begeisterte mich sofort, weil sie einen gänzlich anderen Denkansatz bot, als derjenige, der bis dahin als etabliert galt: Kein […]