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Determine the scope of your customer research project with us and have it carried out by experts. (Carefree package)

Leverage customer research findings to create new ideas.

How we can help

  • You would like to apply insights from customer research as quickly as possible and simply outsource your project?
  • We will manage your customer research project from creating a customer job hypothesis up to jointly applying the results to create ideas for new value propositions and marketing strategies.
  • Jointly we will determine the project scope and apply the results to create Ideas for new value propositions and marketing strategies


Commission customer research carefree

Your customer research project will be carried out by experts from start to finish. You only develop the specifications with us. It is and remains your project - you are invited to observe the process at any time.

Take advantage of the results quickly

The project can begin without a long lead-time. You don't have to wait weeks for the results. A customer research project can be completed within a week.

Guaranteed insights

You are guaranteed to receive at least 25 addressable customer jobs and 250 factors that influence progress, such as pressure to change, expectations of a new solution, objections, habits, key events, constraints, new jobs to be done, unsolved customer problems, potential and new customer gains.

Scale your customer research project as needed.

If you want to add more customer interviews, you can simply book interviews in a double pack.

How it works

Set the project scope, and off we go!

You define the scope of the customer research project with us and recruit the interviewees. We'll do the rest.

9950€ (excluding taxes)





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