Customer-centric strategy development

Using Customer Progress Design to realize the desire for progress.

How we can help

  • You develop a strategy or are involved in its development?
  • Would you like to understand what customers need next?
  • You want to develop effective solution, communication, marketing, and sales and concepts?

The solution for developing a customer-centric strategy.


With our method, you directly develop a strategy based on customer research.

Uncover hidden potential

Through our method, you will be able to bring to light how people want to improve their lives and how they struggle to achieve progress. This knowledge represents an intangible asset.

Leverage the mindset of thought leaders

Through applying the Jobs to Be Done way of thinking propagated by innovation pioneer Clayton Christensen, you will put people's desire for progress at the center of your company.

Use the results in the Value Proposition Canvas

No translation of the results into the popular methods by Strategyzer. Just keep using them in the Value Proposition and in the Business Model Canvas.

Instantly generate ideas for better solutions and marketing

You will receive a structured list of the factors that play a role in making progress. You will use this data to "program" a canvas that you will use to generate ideas for your solution and marketing strategy.

Get results in no time

With our backward designed method, you will generate ideas for market development in just one week after the research start instead of months.

Boost your customer IQ

Knowing what progress customers are seeking is an asset that gives you short-term benefits. The focus on the higher-level customer job* also offers you a north star that guides your organization in the long term.


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How it works

  • We use 12 elements to create data that will help us understand the human need for progress.
  • Our method is based on the Jobs to Be Done principles.
  • Customer research gets directly implemented into solution, marketing and sales concepts.

Options & Pricing

Participate, outsource or design for your needs.

Learn & Research and Hire & Results will get you at least 25 addressable customer jobs and 250 elements of the progress cycle.

Kunden systematisch verstehen

Erlerne Customer Progress Design mit Hilfe eines E-Learning-Kurses
149 € (excluding taxes) Ein Teilnehmer
  • Kompletter 5-stufiger Prozess
  • Erklär-Videos, Beispiele und Zusatzmaterialien
  • Interview- und Projekt-Vorlagen, Arbeitshilfen
  • Übungen und Quizze
  • Teilnahmezertifikat
  • Optionales Coaching
  • Länge: 8:45 Stunden
  • 100% remote

unipro starter Interview

Conduct a client interview and the structured evaluation with a coach.
395 € (excluding taxes) One interview
  • Brief introduction to our interview and evaluation method
  • Conducting a 45-minute interview as a co-interviewer
  • Joint evaluation on The Wheel of Progress Canvas
  • Customer Progress Design Essentials handbook (PDF)
  • Access The Wheel of Progress Interview Mural template
  • Up to 3 team members
  • 100% remote

Learn & Research

Learn the customer research process and conduct a project jointly with us.
from 7950 € (excluding taxes) One project
  • Hands-on Customer Progress Design workshop
  • Up to 5 team members
  • Use of the project template for own project
  • Customer research with consumers
  • 6 customer interviews
  • Analysis and aggregation of all interviews
  • Evaluation of customer jobs
  • Active participation in conducting and evaluating interviews
  • Initial ideation of value propositions and marketing strategy
  • 100% remote

Hire & Results

Determine jointly with us the scope of the customer research project and let it be carried out by experts.
from 9950 € (excluding taxes) One customer type
  • Customer research with consumers
  • 6 customer interviews
  • Analysis and aggregation of all interviews
  • Evaluation of customer jobs
  • Initial ideation of value propositions and marketing strategy
  • Carried out by two Customer Progress Designers
  • Additional interview packs available
  • 100% remote


Set the scope and course of your project according to your organization's requirements.
individual Based on project
  • Individual project design
  • Flexible number of interviews
  • Flexible involvement
  • Individual evaluation criteria
  • Project led by the method author or a master facilitator
  • Individualized study report
  • Remote, in-house or mix of both

Limited availability of offers. Fees due upon acceptance of offer. All steps can be performed in a virtual environment, as well as in a face-to-face event (for an additional fee). You work for a consulting firm or agency and are interested in using our method? Please contact us: Agency inquiries

Freebie: 10 questions you should ask in customer interviews

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